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An open forum on the hottest KAM development topics of the day.

Clarity's Blog - An open forum on the hottest KAM development topics of the day

Stimulating debate and discussion in the KAM learning and development community.

The dialog around KAM issues and ideas; whether related to the development of an individual KAM or the evolution of an organizations KAM strategy and commercial model, is generating a lot of interest and equal amounts of insight. Clarity’s role is to act as a catalyst for these KAM discussions to ensure that the best and brightest ideas reach those most in need of them and that the community overall has a contemporary forum to express their thoughts. Take a look at some of the recent research-based blog posts for ideas, insights, learnings and strategies to help you make your KAM development decisions informed!


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The Impact of the Healthcare “Ecosystem”- Understanding the inter-connectivity between policy makers, payers and providers

14 February, 2018

Like everything else in healthcare these days, the approach pharmaceutical account management teams must take in more thoroughly understanding customer and patient needs is evolving. Rapidly.   The problem lies in having too much of a single focus when calling on any one of these segments. Account managers tasked with negotiating a large contract with […]


Medical Device & Technology

20 July, 2017

Evolving the Commercial Model for Sustained Value Co-creation As the healthcare landscape continues to undergo its seismic shifts, one thing is clear. Medical Device / MedTech companies must force themselves to focus on identifying the operational levers that matter most in reshaping how they approach customers and engage in value co-creation. The old models have […]



6 June, 2017

As much press as there’s been lately on issues like pricing transparency, regulatory pressures and the digitization of patient empowerment, these are not strategic imperatives. Big headaches for Pharma executives maybe; but they’re the not the forward-looking, innovative “game changing” strategies those most senior leaders are hopefully hard at work on.   The confusion here is understandable. […]