Is Great Performance Coaching becoming like Nessie?



Over the past 30 years, millions of hours and even more $, €, ¥, and £ have been invested in coaching and performance communication. And today, while we hear leaders from around the globe paying lip service to the concept, organizations are doing less and less to help their managers and team members master this essential skill. The thoughts of several leaders we spoke to are distilled here:



“Great coaching, it is kind of like the Loch Ness Monster, we know what she looks like from the grainy photos, but has anyone ever really seen her recently?”



The challenge this poses is we have already moved toward a world of instant gratification, toward less human interaction, and this is compounded by a generation of employees who want autonomy to choose their own path - without the benefit of the apprenticeship, mentorship and coaching that enables the autonomy they seek.


In the absence of a conduit connecting the dots between the organizational vision and front-line execution, a gap begins to form not only of outcome, but of purpose. Team members are left on an island without any connection to the strategy of the leaders they see occupying mahogany row.












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