Organizations have forgotten the role of the manager


Bend the performance line


Develop your people


While the headline has been evolving, the story has been the same for years:


  • Work smarter – not harder
  • Do more with less
  • Reduce layers  
  • Empower the front line



  • Leverage big data.
  • Automate
  • Be strategic
  • Be the "GM" of your territory/business/function




Each headline stands on its own. Each is what is known as a vacuously true statement: in a vacuum, it makes perfect sense.

Every business should strive to be lean and efficient, driven by strategic leaders who understand the business well enough to adapt and thrive in their niche of today’s competitive global marketplace.


The issue is, in all that big highfalutin strategic wisdom, businesses have forgotten the glue that holds it all together: the role of the manager.


In our research with thousands of managers from around the globe serving, we have seen one common thread woven through the evolution of the role – MORE. There is more administration, more systems, more meetings and less time to execute the only two tasks that matter: Bend the performance line and develop their people.




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We create the alignment and clarity to move the needle on both fronts. Development where it matters focus on the conversations that drive results: the performance line.​


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