Digital Vs Dialogue


Over the past several years, there has been a big push toward systems and technology to address communication gaps between managers and team members. New technology offers tremendous value in terms of tracking trends, keeping team members and managers current with updates and shifts in strategy. But performance conversations?



As on industry executive shared with us, “Conversations? About performance? That is not a problem – we’ve got an app for that”



In the push to leverage big data, create automation, and build dashboards that display real-time data on what is happening in the field, the human element – the relationship and the conversation are being left behind.

Documentation is not coaching! We know documentation is critical, but when a manager’s effectiveness is determined by the boxes that have been checked and comments that have been cut and paste into the “digital notebook” their impact one performance, engagement and alignment to the organization’s mission is severely compromised.


Because, if digital documentation is the cure-all, what really is the role of the manager? Performance-cop? Enforcer? How about partner in the team member’s success?


Digital cannot replace dialogue.










We embed long-term, sustainable habits that enable managers to consistently engage their team members in the conversations that matter​.


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