Understanding Pharma Customer Ecosystems

15 November, 2018

3 Critical Insights that cannot be ignored


Pharmaceutical commercial teams are struggling to understand what is defined as healthcare customer “ecosystems” because the changing dynamics are making it more complex day by day.



Let us take the ecosystem definition as an example and extend it:


‘’A healthcare customer ecosystem is an interconnected set of entities and organizations each playing a role in providing healthcare to a geographic-specific patient population.’’



What does it include?

Providers, payers, suppliers, a distribution supply chain and the patients themselves.



What are the pressures and challenges that stakeholders are facing?

The rapid pace of change and innovation, patient empowerment, the effect of M & A activity and pressure on both the cost of drugs and treatment.



What is the issue for Pharma?

Customer-facing account teams are still trying to develop business with a product-focused mentality at the same time that healthcare stakeholders are wrestling with challenges, the timing and context of which, render product-centric approaches a distraction. Stakeholders who are charged with evolving the total patient experience and streamlining the cost equation associated with it, need Pharma to step up and offer time-sensitive solutions to help manage the patient populations.



So, what exactly do pharmaceutical commercial teams need to understand about healthcare customer ecosystems?

They need to understand at a deeper level, the flow of influence, spend and risk within the larger ecosystem.

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