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About Us

Since 1999, Clarity has helped field sales teams make the shift to Strategic Account Management.

About Clarity

Clarity Engagement Solutions designs and delivers tailored B2B Strategic Account Management training and related offerings.

Our 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement is recognized as one of the most structured and progressive approaches towards building value-centric customer relationships available today. Life science and medical device field teams find the 4 Zones System™ the most effective way to move beyond selling on product messages alone and create long-term strategic value for and with key accounts.

Clarity has led some of the largest Key Account Management (KAM) learning initiatives and training rollouts in the industry. Clarity has helped some of the largest and best companies in the industry tailor the 4 Zones™ System to specific sales channels and customer environments in more than 24 countries around the world.

Clarity’s bench and network of learning professionals lead our client efforts in the following categories:

  • Customized Customer Engagement Model Development
    Making the 4 Zones™ your own
  • Strategic Account Management Enablement
    Developing and delivering highly engaging, blended learning
  • Pull-through and Post Workshop Coaching for Success
    Embedding the strategic account mindset throughout the organization

Connect today to training that transforms performance

  • Globally Consistent & Locally Relevant
    We have tailored our sales training solutions in over 30 countries globally and deliver our solutions in over 100 languages, catering to global teams.
  • Training Delivery Methods
    We deliver our solutions using a combination of live workshops, Just-in-Time mobile coaching and virtual classrooms, allowing us to work with field sales forces on the go.
  • Region Specific Processes
    We create region and country specific frameworks, processes and tools; keeping our solutions highly relevant to each customer marketplace.


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