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Strategic account management



A lack of a consistent account process is often the missing component in reaching full commercial potential.


When account teams have no common framework or process to align    with, all sorts of issues can impact an organizations's ability to execute. Siloed account strategies,  missed opportunities and insights that never get shared. An organization can only move as fast as its slowest moving part. 


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The 4 Effects of Account Process Inconsistency

It may not always be obvious, but not aligning customer-facing teams around a common account approach or process can have undesirable effects on your business.




Individual Experimentation

Not a issue when you're a start-up. But in a large commercial organization, everyone doing something different is a problem.


Difficult to Measure Accountability

There's no way to apply consistent measurements to how well individuals and teams are driving process when there's no process to begin with. 


No Coordinated Approach

From your customer stakeholder's point of view, seeing multiple staff coming through the account with no coordination is frustrating. 


Absence of Best Practice Sharing

When there's no common approach best practices might show up on an individual-by-individual basis but never get shared.


"Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity."

                                                                                                                              -  Bruce Lee




              "68% of sales and marketing executives say that the customer model is broken."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -  Booz & Company



Clarity can help.

With deep vertical market expertise, a comprehensive approach towards customer engagement and a global reach, Clarity can help your field teams develop competitively differentiated account strategies that bring them into alignment with today's customer stakeholders.


Tailoring the Account Process for Relevancy:
  • APA (Account Process Alignment) Session
  • Case Study Customized by Account Type
  • Tailored Account Management Plans
  • Tailored Learning Tools and Content



Consistent, Repeatable & Flexible Account Process

4 Zones of customer engagement



Pull-through Reinforcement and Coaching:
  • LMS eModules for Self-paced Learning
  • Micro Learning Coaching Assets
  • Blended Learning Best Practice Forums
  • Coaching Tools for AMs and Managers