Changing Times.
Changing Approaches.
Letting go of the old ways of
engaging Pharma customers




The days of individuals calling on pharmacy directors as the predominant strategy are gone. Change is in the air and those organizations most willing to embrace change will come out ahead.


We get it.


Change is hard for most companies and especially so for large Pharma organizations. The old ways of selling to healthcare professionals was working so well for so long.... until it didn't.


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Clarity’s Approach towards Change and Account Management

(HINT.... It starts with creating a compelling argument for change)


Moving commercial teams from tactical, transactional selling behavior to strategic account management takes large scale change.

Sometimes, a lot of it. Multiple moving parts and dependencies are natural factors of any strategic account development initiative and plenty of times where both the will of the implementation team and the cooperative nature of recipients will be tested. For this reason, it’s imperative that the case for change be made successfully from the start. In a McKinsey article entitled: “The Irrational Side of Change Management”, a survey of 3,200 executives worldwide, revealed that only one in three transformation projects succeeded. With that as a backdrop, the authors outline four basic conditions that need to be present for employees to change their behavior. They are:


1. A compelling story – Employees must see the point of change and agree with it.
2. Role modelling – Employees must see those senior to them and those around them behaving in a new way.
3. Reinforcing mechanisms – Systems, processes, and incentives must be in line with the new behavior.
4. Capability building – Employees must have the skills required to make the desired change.


Almost without exception, every strategic account management initiative that has succeeded or failed can be traced back to the existence of ALL 4 of these conditions or the absence of any ONE of them.



Clarity can help.

With deep expertise, a comprehensive approach towards customer engagement and a global reach, Clarity can help your field teams develop competitively differentiated account strategies that bring them into alignment with today's stakeholders.


Strategy Consulting & Change Management

  • Senior Leadership Exchange Sessions
  • Account Archetype Profiling & Segmentation
  • Healthcare Landscape Education
  • Pre-launch Planning
  • Change Management Programs



Customized Models & Content

  • Locally Tailored, Organizationally Consistent
  • Account and TA-specific Case Studies
  • Account Management Models and Content for:
    • KAMs, Reps, Market Access, Medical
    • SAMA-aligned Content & Modules



Multiple Training Delivery Options

  • Instructor-Led Live Workshops
  • Blended Learning
  • SCORM/xAPI eLearning
  • Cloud-based Micro Learning