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When there's no common or consistent account process to coach against, the coaching conversation itself often lacks direction. Fortunately, for users of The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement, the coaching effect is made more impactful because there's a common, consistent language and approach to coach against.


Managers can use simple but effective tools to integrate coaching into every day account and opportunity discussions. Already have a coaching system or platform? Clarity's client success teams can work with your existing coaching model to ensure the 4 Zones is pulled-through and reinforced consistently; making it "second nature" for customer-facing teams.


Example of Clarity's 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement in the Atomus aCoach™ System:


Managers coaching platform


Managers can have a dashboard view of teams or entire business units.


Managers coaching platform


Skill and capability development can be tracked with more visibility and decision support.


360 Feedback from Learning Participants on the Go!

Clarity's assessments, polling and measurement processes can ensure your investment in customer engagement effectiveness are fully leveraged.


Pulse Checker™  enables organizations to "stay close to the action" in how customer-facing teams are developing and what they need to succeed. Clarity can help you tailor assessments and measurements to YOUR specific needs.

ASK Frequent, topical questions

Field assessments

  • Regularly pose a few key questions before, during and after each element of learning
  • Collaborate globally to reflect on activity, successes and gains in knowledge, skills and insights
  • Feedback collected is stored in a secure, trusted environment



 ANALYZE the results together

Field assessments


  • Instant, graphical views are immediately displayed to everyone who submits a response real-time
  • Encourages everyone to contribute and makes sure you don't miss valuable opinions and suggestions
  • Provides the opportunity for additional comments and reflection on the results

 ACT on the results in real time

Field assessments

  • Use the wide range of reporting features to highlight where help and support is needed most
  • Easily analyze comments and feedback
  • Automated PDF reports make it quick and simple  to share results with key stakeholders









The hallmark of top performing customer-facing teams.


Working together


It starts with the recognition that teams need to stay connected more so than ever before if they want to leverage a professional, effective, unified approach towards customer engagement. 

Getting on the same page with a common, consistent process and language is the next step. A bit of education around matrix team collaboration helps as well.
Example of digital learning module on matrix team collaboration:
eLearning modules

Planning effectively


The specific tools and templates used for account planning are not as critical as well-planned collaborative efforts and communication but Clarity has you covered there as well. From templates we can provide to modifications of your own to integration of the 4 Zones™ with your CRM system, Clarity's client success managers are prepared to go all the way with you down the execution path. Our goal is to help you apply customer engagement learning effectively to drive real results and impact.



Example of a 4 Zones™ Account Planning Template:




 Strategic account planning



 Clarity InSight 360


A comprehensive set of visibility and analytics.


Would you like to know how "customer engagement ready" your organization is compared to the competition?


Or how proficient individuals and teams are in *SAMA-Aligned competency areas?


Through flash surveys, 1:1 interviews and analysis, Clarity can deliver the insights you need to rise to the next level of superior customer engagement.


* (SAMA - Strategic Account Management Association)


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Clarity Insight 360




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Clarity can help.

With deep vertical market expertise, a comprehensive approach towards customer engagement and a global reach, Clarity can help your account managers and field teams develop competitively differentiated account strategies that bring them into stronger alignment with today's customer stakeholders.


Strategy Consulting & Change Management

  • Senior Leadership Exchange Sessions
  • Account Archetype Profiling & Segmentation
  • Market Landscape Education
  • Change Management Programs



Customized Models & Content

  • Locally Tailored, Organizationally Consistent
  • Account and scenario-specific Case Studies
  • Account Management Models and Content for:
    • Account Managers/Relationship managers
    • Sales Reps/Product Specialists
    • Managers
    • Marketing
    • Other Customer-facing Roles



Multiple Training Delivery Options

  • Instructor-Led Live Workshops
  • Blended Learning
  • SCORM/xAPI eLearning
  • Cloud-based Micro Learning