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Achieving a shared vision and greater alignment with your healthcare stakeholders is not only possible; its critical to survival.


Your account teams are busy, distracted, multi-tasking. They're caught up "in the moment" of responding to account opportunities and stakeholder needs. But do they really know what's around the corner. Can they see the future? Can the customers they're calling on see it? 


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Pharma customer alignment



3 Common Causes of Pharma-Customer Misalignment:

(And what you can do about it!)


Cause #1

C-Suite Influence


Even in cases where your account teams don't need to call on the c-suite, they should know how c-suite initiatives are influencing those at other levels in the customer environment. Otherwise, it's easy for agendas to misalign.


Cause #2

Perception of Value


Until the value of your products is translated to demonstrate how it relates to a time-sensitive priority of the stakeholder you're trying to influence, little progress can be made. When your account managers are viewed as a distraction rather then part of the solution, mis-alignment is inevitable.

Cause #3

Going Too Fast


Account teams forget sometimes that customer stakeholders have their own buying cycles and process separate and distinct from your commercial team's. If a solution is pushed too early and the decision maker is still in an earlier part of the "discovery" phase of their cycle, a mis-match occurs.


Let's face it. The world of responding to...

  • Changing patient demographics and navigation
  • Increased patient empowerment and...
  • Alternative cost models enough to keep both Pharma organizations and key account stakeholders a bit buried in day-to-day details. But it's where it's all headed that may make the difference at the end of the day:
  • Fewer independent provider and payer entities
  • Large scale, disruptive innovation and...
  • The rise of specialty medicine
...all have the potential to reframe the account manager-customer decision maker relationship permanently.
To achieve greater alignment with customer and patient needs in today's healthcare environment, your account teams need to slow down, ask the right questions, carefully qualify needs and readiness and set themselves apart from the competition. It's all about how much they understand (and are prepared to discuss) about what's going on with their customer's patient population management efforts BEFORE they walk in the door.



              "68% of Pharma sales and marketing executives say that the customer model is broken."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -  Booz & Company



Clarity can help.

With deep expertise, a comprehensive approach towards customer engagement and a global reach, Clarity can help your field teams develop competitively differentiated account strategies that bring them into alignment with today's stakeholders.


Strategy Consulting & Change Management

  • Senior Leadership Exchange Sessions
  • Account Archetype Profiling & Segmentation
  • Healthcare Landscape Education
  • Pre-launch Planning
  • Change Management Programs



Customized Models & Content

  • Locally Tailored, Organizationally Consistent
  • Account and TA-specific Case Studies
  • Account Management Models and Content for:
    • KAMs, Reps, Market Access, Medical
    • SAMA-aligned Content & Modules



Multiple Training Delivery Options

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