Is your next product launch
cause for celebration...
or worry?
And how you can serve your customers
and patients better?



Pharma product launch 



Launching a new pharmaceutical product these days is like walking onto a battlefield blindfolded. Uncertainty abounds and all the data in the world cannot guarantee commercial success.


It used to be easier to forecast uptake for new medicines. But the changing landscape of healthcare, new competitors and new stakeholders with wholly different agendas make launching a new product a precarious exercise.





"50% of new Pharma product launches fail to meet forecast." -  McKinsey & Company



Will yours be one of them?



Top 5 Reasons Why Products Launches Fail to Hit Target:


1. Misreading the needs of customers and patients


2. Confusing product communication/value messaging


3. Lack of distinct benefits


4. Underestimating field force education required


5. Lack of customer stakeholder sense of urgency


Launch Trajectory Pharma




3 Strategies for Successful Product Launches That Better Serve Customers and Patients:


#1: Start the Launch Planning Process Early

By the time most teams are formed and activity begins, the trajectory at product launch is already set for the first 6 months. Starting the launch planning process 18-24 months out gives you the needed time to integrate market feedback and prepare teams for success.


#2: Don't Rely on Data Alone

You can have the most up-to-date and seemingly valuable data sets to work with and still miss your targets upon launch. There's simply no substitution for investing time understanding payer, provider, policy maker and especially patient needs at a deeper level prior to launch.

#3: Form Cross-functional Account Teams

Too many Pharma companies are still conducting "old school" product, compliance and competitive training in a vacuum. Commercial leaders need to form high-functioning teams that can collaborate seamlessly in account settings to share insights, feedback and make adjustments rapidly.


Clarity can help.

With deep Pharma expertise, a comprehensive approach towards customer engagement and a global reach, Clarity can help your field teams develop competitively differentiated account strategies that bring them into alignment with today's pharma stakeholders.


Strategy Consulting & Change Management
  • Senior Leadership Exchange Sessions
  • Account Archetype Profiling & Segmentation
  • Healthcare Landscape Education
  • Pre-launch Planning
  • Change Management Programs
Customized Models & Content
  • Locally Tailored, Organizationally Consistent
  • Account and TA-specific Case Studies
  • Account Management Models and Content for:
    • KAMs, Reps, Market Access, Medical
    • SAMA-aligned Content & Modules


Multiple Training Delivery Options
  • Instructor-Led Live Workshops
  • Blended Learning
  • SCORM/xAPI eLearnng
  • Cloud-based Micro Learning