Industry-Specific Customer Engagement Insights, Training and Solutions


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To perform at the highest levels, commercial Pharma organizations need better access to real-time data. This is just as true in sales force effectiveness as it is in R & D, Market Access or any other function.


But what data specifically? What types of analysis will help give your customer-facing teams the edge and enable them to excel at customer engagement?


Traditional SFE Focus in Pharma:


  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Sales Force Sizing and Structure
  • Sales Incentive Planning
  • Call Planning and Tools



New SFE Focus in Pharma:


  • VOC (Voice-of-Customer) Analysis
  • Organization Readiness Reports
  • Ecosystem-Key Account Influence Analysis
  • Strategic CRM Tools and Analytics



Clarity InSight 360


A comprehensive set of visibility and analytics.


Would you like to know how "customer engagement ready" your organization is compared to the competition?


Or how proficient individuals and teams are in *SAMA-Aligned competency areas?


Through flash surveys, 1:1 interviews and analysis, Clarity can deliver the insights you need to rise to the next level of superior customer engagement.


* (SAMA - Strategic Account Management Association)




Clarity can help.

With deep Pharma expertise, a comprehensive approach towards customer engagement and a global reach, Clarity can help your field teams develop competitively differentiated account strategies that bring them into alignment with today's pharma stakeholders.


Strategy Consulting & Change Management

  • Senior Leadership Exchange Sessions
  • Account Archetype Profiling & Segmentation
  • Healthcare Landscape Education
  • Pre-launch Planning
  • Change Management Programs



Customized Models & Content

  • Locally Tailored, Organizationally Consistent
  • Account and TA-specific Case Studies
  • Account Management Models and Content for:
    • KAMs, Reps, Market Access, Medical
    • SAMA-aligned Content & Modules



Multiple Training Delivery Options

  • Instructor-Led Live Workshops
  • Blended Learning
  • SCORM/xAPI eLearnng
  • Cloud-based Micro Learning