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Learning Delivery Options

The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement KAM Model

True blended learning with a wide range of delivery options for today’s mobile Account Management force.

Clarity’s 4 Zones™ process can now be delivered in a number of ways suited to the specific needs and geographies of each pharma or medtech account team. Account Managers can now get the learning, tools, support and coaching they need when, where and in the sizes and formats they need it, allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand… The co-creation of customer value and more predictable revenue attainment!

4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement – Live Account Management Workshops

4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement – Live Account Management Workshops

Highly-interactive 1-Day and 2-Day instructor-led training sessions..

Clarity’s 4 Zones™ trainers and instructors help Account Management teams leverage the power of live interaction to make the important shift to strategic account management.

Based on an 8-Page case study customized to the specific account type, therapeutic area and marketplace,as well as the “Application Clinic” based on actual accounts, the 4 Zones™ workshop is the ideal setting for Account Managers and commercial leadership to learn, debate and discuss the critical Account Management issues of the day:

– How do we understand our customer environments at a deeper level and how can we leverage those insights?
– Which opportunities are the best ones to pursue for creating long-term win-win relationships?
– What do we need to know about each stakeholder and influencer before engaging with them?
– How do we gain return access to the most relevant decision makers and obtain insights that are not being shared with our competitors?
– When and how do we collaborate with matrix team members who can help us co-create customer solutions and strengthen the overall account commitment to our products and services?
– What strategies are most effective to stay embedded in our key accounts and expand the “footprint” of revenue over time?

Adobe Connect™

Adobe Connect™

Virtual and Blended learning sessions for a distributed Account Management workforce.

Clarity’s 4 Zones™ courseware and be delivered in its entirety or in modules using Adobe Connect™ or the collaboration platform of our client’s choosing.

It’s not always convenient (or necessary) for Account Management teams to spend time out of the field. And with Clarity’s ability to deliver training virtually, commercial organizations have more choices than ever in how, when and where learning and development takes place. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you leverage distance learning for your organization.

4 Zones™ with Learning Management Systems

4 Zones™ with Learning Management Systems

Leveraging your existing LMS investment for Account Management learning and development.

Clarity’s 4 Zones™ Account Management development content can be experienced as part of your LMS strategy. Using SCORM or HTML5 formats, Clarity can make its content available to run on your LMS platform and engage Account Management teams in a highly interactive learning experience. Contact us today to learn more!

Mobile 4 Zones™

World’s first Cloud-based mobile App for account management learning and coaching.

Clarity’s 4 Zones™ App contains a full library of digital content including core concepts for account management best practices, deep dive learning modules, extended resources and toolkits and platform for customised best practice sharing.

Clarity understands the importance of providing learning and coaching when, where and how Account Management teams need it.

Using any mobile device, Account Management organizations can access rich learning content and just-in-time coaching advice!

Clarity’s Virtual 4 Zones™ technology includes:

  • All 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement learning content
  • Video library
  • Audio library
  • PDFs and Resources
  • Diagnostic Coaching
  • Industry news
  • Managers portal for reporting and analytics
  • Self assessments
  • Content ratings

Mobile 4 Zones™
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