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The Value in Understanding Healthcare Ecosystems in Customer Engagement Transformation









McKinsey estimates that 1 in 3 Commercial Transformation projects fail. 


In Pharma, some companies need to transform entire business units and organizations to achieve greater alignment with healthcare decision makers. But many times, it's the awareness and capability building of individuals and teams that are keys to more effective commercial engagement / customer engagement.


Either way, Clarity sees opportunities ahead for those organizations willing to take the time to better understand who the new stakeholders are in the healthcare ecosystem and how they are starting to influence each other in ways we haven't seen before.




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What to Look for in Healthcare Ecosystems...


- Who are the NEW types of stakeholders your field teams need to pay attention to?

(Ex. "Does anyone know how to talk to the VP of Patient Practice Innovation?")


- In what ways are these stakeholders influencing the flow of drug spend and risk?

(Ex. "How are Payers influencing care in large hospital systems?")


- How is the trend towards consolidation affecting your Market Access strategy?

(Ex. "Who else needs to be in alignment for preferred formulary listings?")




How Does This Affect Learning & Development for Customer-facing Teams in Pharma?


Well for one thing, there is no one-size-fits-all. Everything from geographic to specific market dynamics, account archetypes and even patient demographics all play a role in what teams need to know before engaging with healthcare stakeholders.


So in addition to having the most up-to-date, insight driven content and qualified experts to deliver it in highly relevant and engaging ways, you also need to consider the role of digital and micro learning to bring education to the point of conversation.


New ecosystems, new realities and new opportunities to educate today's pharma field forces!