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Defending and Developing Client Relations:

Transforming CIB Client Teams in a Disruptive CIB World


Banks all over the world face disruptive clients and technology which have threatened to undermine their positions and markets.

CIB clients facing teams need to ride the disruption wave, not try to swim against it.


The question here is: HOW?


  • How do you DEFEND your positions with your clients in this new disruptive banking world?


  • Where is the opportunity to DEVELOP your client relationships as products are commoditised and placed on electronic platforms?


  • What is needed to TRANSFORM your CIB client facing teams to embrace the opportunities that the disruptions are offering us?



The senior Clarity team leaders are running 2 identical webinars on February 12th at 2.30 P.M GMT and February 13th at 2:30 P.M GMT.


This will allow YOU to defend, develop and transform your client relations in a Disruptive CIB World.



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