Free Webinar - Great Coaching throughout Organizations is like the Loch Ness Monster


We know what it looks like from the grainy photos, but has anyone really seen it?


  • What are the challenges that your organization faces to drive effective performance coaching?

  • Are your managers supporting their team members in achieving individual team and organizational goals?



Recent data shows a rate of 29% of your team members are engaged in their jobs, which means 71% are disengaged or actively disengaged.



  • In which of these categories you think your team members fall into?

  • How can you boost engagement?


4S Conversational Clarity helps your managers CREATE, UNDERSTAND and MAINTAIN ALIGNMENT with their team members.


Watch the following video in which, Senior Consultant of Performance Conversations, Andrew Connolly talks about these challenges and their solutions:


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If you wish to engage deeper into the conversation, have questions or would like to share your opinion, we are running 2 identical sessions of a FREE WEBINAR on Jun 16th and 18th at 2PM GMT. 




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